Is It Really Possible To Be a Better Parent on Your Own, Giving Your Child an Incredible, Stable and Happy Life... And Have A Content and Enjoyable Life For Yourself?

The Answer is YES... And I'd Like To Share With You My Own Story of How I Went From A "Dependant Dad" to a "Super Father" Who Loves Raising Kids On His Own...
Let me ask you a few questions...

   Have you ever been afraid of "messing up" your child's life because you parent on your own?

   Have you ever felt frustrated that you aren't in a loving relationship? Especially when you see your "childless" friends happy?

   Do you get the feeling that you're not "in control" as much as you'd like to be when it comes to raising your child?

   My name is Tom and I personally struggled with questions like this for years.

   And I will share my story with you in a bit...

   But first I want to share a story with you from a woman who I am very close to.

   Her name is Cassie and she's been a good friend for a long time.

   I've known Cassie for over four years and recently she opened up to me about how she became a Single Mom...

   I'd like you to read her story and ask yourself if you can relate to it.

   Even if you didn't go through the exact same thing, there certainly are parts you can relate to.

   Here is Cassie's story...

   Cassie was never married, but she was in love.

   And this time, she knew it was for real... not just from the way her boyfriend held her, but she could tell in her heart that they were meant to be together.

   It was one of those "love at first sight" experiences that she had only seen on 'reality' tv.

   The air smelled sweeter, everyone was friendly and no problem seemed too big.

   She had been with her boyfriend Jack for eight months, six of which they lived in the same house.

   And they shared everything together.

   In fact, when she moved in with him she even got rid of her own futon because they were going to share his bed in their new place.

   They were in a great relationship, where communication was good and they both felt like they were always 'in the clouds'.

   And then it happened...

   Cassie got pregnant.

   Her pregnancy was a suprise... to both her and Jack.

   Even though she was pretty young at the time, 21 to be exact, she was excited about the prospect of bringing a new baby into the world.

   She always wanted to be "mom", it never became this real before.

   She also saw it as a gift to solidify her love for Jack.

   Not only could she share everything with him, but now they had something that was only theirs... A new life that together they could shape into a wonderful person.

   She dreamed of starting a family, getting a home and even going on "family vacations".

   But when she told Jack his reaction wasn't what she expected.

   In fact, he even started talking about getting an abortion.

   Cassie was instantly devistated...

   She knew Jack loved her, but now she was faced with a big challenge: Keep the baby and lose Jack or, well, you get the picture...

   It wasn't an easy choice, but it's one that Cassie knew she had to make.

   Cassie knew from that moment she was going to choose her child.

   Even though her baby wasn't born yet, it was the most sacred thing she'd ever done.

   And that was it.

   She knew the relationship was over... At least her relationship with Jack.

   But what Cassie didn't realize is that a whole new life just began for her.

   The life of being a Mom...

   Does this sound familiar?

   Maybe you didn't have exact same situation, but Cassie had to make a choice.

   And it was the same choice you made: To Be A Parent At Any Cost.

   My story is a little different... only with a bit of a role-reversal...

   My Ex left our family when my daughter was only 2 years old.

   Leaving behinded a stunned fiancé and a constantly questioning two year old.

   In my own story, I took the things my Ex did personally...

   I made the near-fatal mistake of making it about me.

   I was wearing the badge of being the "victim" and I was letting myself and my child down.

   I was handicapped in my own prison of pain, self-doubt and denial.

   And it wasn't until after a conversation with another Father who had experience with a similar situation that I was inspired to build myself and my family back up... even without a mother to help me raise a child.

   I started in a familiar place by going back to my journal entries...

   Which also meant going back to a place of tremendous pain. But what resulted was something amazing...

   In fact, I'd go so far as to say a life transformation that not only shifted everything back to something positive, but something WAY BETTER than what I had before.

   Yes, I was still single... Yes, I was still a full time father with a full time job...

   But I came out as someone who was stronger than before I was even IN a relationship!

   And using my journal as a starting point, I started to talk to other Parents... Moms and Dads who I didn't even know felt the same way I did.

   After posting to a few blogs, I found that even others outside of my immediate "world" were frustrated too.

   But they were taking some really positive steps to remedy their pain.

   They were dealing with some hard questions but then actually writing about positive things...

   They took the negativity of the past and were replacing it with happiness in the present.

   On the surface, I wasn't sure how they were doing it, but I knew that I wanted to find out.

   The thing that really impressed me the most was that they were passionate about their parenting... Even without a partner to help.

   I then picked up on similarities I saw and started to notice a sort of "thread" with all the happy parents.

   This led to more research and more discussions with other Parents, many of whom were still Single.

   This is when I discovered some of the secrets that have brought me from being a "great" parent to being a "Super Single Parent"... A Father who lives his life beyond the "badge" of being a Single Dad... I am now a Parent who is okay being Single and able to cope with anything and everything that comes my way.

   And like putting on glasses for the first time, I was able to clearly see what I was doing to myself and my child.

   This is what lead me to put everything down into words.

   All the emotions that I dealt with in a negative way led me to take action.

   POSTIVE action... And so much of it that I had to share this with all my friends who were in the same position as me.

   And that action resulted in me sharing with the world the SECRETS that I came upon.

   It wasn't easy, by any stretch of the imagination, to transform from a sad and depressed person into an amazing and happy Dad.

   But now it's all documented... in an easy to read book.

   I call it "Super Single Parenting" and beyond being about parenting, it's really a guide-book for life.

   It's a new "paradigm", or a new way of THINKING about being a parent... with or without a partner in your life.

   If you've read parenting books in the past that simply tell you to "take a bath and you'll feel better", you are in for a big surprise.

   Unlike the conventional schools of thought, my book is about a new design... a new way of BEING that can reflect directly on your child and your life.

   Just because you have a child and you're on your own doesn't mean that you have to be trapped by the past... It doesn't matter if you're a woman, a man or even a single GRANDPARENT, there is something in my book for YOU.

Regardless of your age, your experience or how many children you currently have in your life, if you are a Single Parent, or if you KNOW a Single Parent, you NEED to read this... These are the secrets your parents never knew about a new model of parenting...

   You don't need to suffer from the past (or the present) any more.

   This could be the most important investment you will ever make when it comes to your family and your self.

   The cost of my book is only $9.97 and includes two bonus books I'll tell you about later... but I want to make sure it's right for you FIRST...

   If you are unsatisfied with it, or don't think it will work for you, I'll refund the full amount in the first 7 days.

   It's really that simple.

   And it's really important to me for you to change your life.

   If you're ready to make the change, click this download button and within the next 10 minutes you'll be on your way to being a Super Single Parent...

Here Are Some Specifics You'll Learn...

   My book covers many areas when it comes to Single Parenting, ranging from dealing with relationship break-ups and past partners, temper tantrums from your kids and even how you can look and feel better...

Here are just a few things that you'll learn in "Super Single Parenting"...

  • The Best Way To Date When You Have Younger Children .... Dating is going to be a part of your life in some way or another. I am going to teach you how to deal with dating in a fun way with your children, so that they don't feel left out and you get some time for fun.... Page 104
  • How To Fall "Out" of Love with Past Relationships .... Learn how to quickly break away from past relationships and lovers you've had in your life. If you are suffering from past relationships, I guarantee you'll come out better in the end! These two exercises alone saved my life from what seemed like never-ending pain.... Page 94
  • Becoming "Self-Appointed" in Your Life .... You are the biggest architect of your life, and creating a life where you are 'self-appointed' means that you have the ability to have the life that you want. I will show you how to become a master of self-appointment by your words and your actions to make the life you really want for you and your child .... Page 86
  • How To Be More Engaged With Your Child .... Your child can tell when you are "present" to them and when you're not. I will teach you how to give your child undivided attention that they will appreciate and feel. This can make all the difference in the world to a child who is longing for attention.... Page 48
  • Learn How to Serve In A "Dual Role" with Your Child .... Being that you are a Single Parent, you have many roles to fill with your child. I will teach you how to effectively fill the necessary roles of both disciplinarian and friend to your child .... Page 18
  • How To Be A More Proactive Parent .... When you are involved in your child's life you are sending strong and positive messages to them. Learn how to be a more 'proactive parent' when spending time with your child and how to be FULLY present in a way to make a huge impact on their lives.... Page 47
  • Learn A New Way To Setup "Boundaries" with Your Child .... The balance between being a friend to your child and being a authoritative figure is a tough one. The techniques I share with you about creating boundaries are powerful ones that keep you in control, make your child feel like they are important as people and lay a foundation for dealting with future conflicts when they arise.... Page 17
  • Doing Things As A "Family" When Your Past Partner Is Involved .... If your past partner is still involved in your family you need to be accepting of them. I will share with you some tips about how to get along better without being 'fake' or feeling like you have to 'put on a happy face'. This is something I learned that made a huge difference in my relationship with my Ex-wife .... Page 36
  • Learn How to Create A Solid "Emergency Plan" for Your Family .... An Emergency plan is vital for every family to have... The safety of your family isn't something you take lightly. You'll learn how to be prepared for and what do to in the event of an emergency .... Page 31
  • Ideas for Volunteer Work with Your Family .... Giving back to your community creates a stronger bond between you and your child. I offer several creative ways for how to help others in need and set a good example for your children.... Page 28
  • Change Your Relationship to Food and Be An Example to Your Kids .... Many of us don't even consider the examples we are setting for our children when it comes to food. Learn how to create effective patterns that will change your relationship to food, when you eat and how you eat, and set the ultimate example of health to your child .... Page 114
  • Creating A Strong and Happy Single Life .... This is the foundation of a future where anything is possible. When you have a strong Single Life you are taking the time to explore yourself and, along with your child, you find what you want in partners, your future and life .... Page 109
  • How to Literally REDEFINE What Money Means To You and Your Family .... By redefining the way you think about money you can create a place of being okay with having either a little or a lot. Money drives many people and I will show you how to handle this area of your life with practical, real-world tips about money and ultimately how to think about money in a way that allows YOU to be in control .... Page 21
  • Taking An "Adult Time-Out" .... Yes, even adults need a 'time out' sometimes. Learn a powerful skill that allows you to take time for yourself instead of blowing up at your children. This exercise alone has prevented many a bad situation from getting out of control .... Page 121
  • A Way To Rethink About Learning .... It's natural to evolve and to change. By learning just a handful of easy to understand skills you can greatly expand the way you learn and process information. This is a life skill that can apply to everything from the law of physics to what you are making for dinner .... Page 90
  • A Money Saving Tip that Lets Your Savings Add Up Quick .... Sometimes it seems that we spend our money quicker than we earn it. I am going to share with you some new ideas about money and how to save money, even when it feels like you don't have enough .... Page 25
  • An Incredible Exercise to Replace Negative Thoughts About a Past Partner ....Many of us, especially us guys, have a hard time 'moving on' when it comes to relationships... In this exercise I show you how to remove the negativity of a past relationship and literally replace it with something positive. This is one of my favorite effective and powerful exercises .... Page 95
  • How to create a SOLID and POWERFUL Single Parent Support Network, even if you don't think you have the resources .... I'll show you not only how to create this but also how to give back to those who help you. A Support Network is critical to your success as a Single Parent and I share ideas that got me through the rough spots .... Page 38

  • ...and TONS more

    It's Not Just About Being A Parent, But Also About Being A WHOLE PERSON!

       When I first became Single again, I felt like I was alone. I felt like the emotional investment I'd made was going to be "wasted" and that I couldn't ever love anyone again...

       This might sound silly when I say it, but it's really how I really felt.

       I experienced a several emotions, from sadness, shock and fear... All at the same time.

       And even if you don't feel as "extreme" as I did, there is something here that can help you through any challenge that you are facing... Be it emotional, physical or as a parent.

       You see, my goal is not to make you a good single parent ... Chances are you're pretty good at it right now... And really, being a good parent is, well, GOOD.

       In fact, I'm sure that you're even a GREAT parent.

       My goal is to make you a SUPER Single Parent ...

       And hey, if you don't owe it to yourself, don't you owe it to your family to be the best parent that you can be?

       And here's the BIG SECRET...

       It all starts within...

       After all, if you aren't right with yourself it's going to reflect on your family and those around you.

       And, to be honest with you, it's NOT about having priorities or placing an "order" on things...

       You should have a good idea already of what's important to you...

       All change begins with YOU. And even when you START to "master" your own life, you'll start to see it rubbing off on your co-workers, friends and most importantly of all on to your children.

       It's like noticing a positive and productive change in others... You know, like when someone you work with gets a raise and all of sudden they seem "nicer" to you... or when a friend a friend is in love and all of a sudden they seem more "intense" as a person...

       The reason to work on yourself is that you'll feel better and problems won't seem so overwhelming... and you can make choices that will bring you to a state of Super Single Parenting.

       And the best part is that you'll naturally get there...

       Once you master yourself, everything else will "magically" fall into place.

    If I Help One Single Parent... It's Worth It

       You see, "self work" translates over into your life in virtually every area that you work on.

       And after the "self" it spills into your family and ultimately your community.

       It's like a positive "domino effect".

       Being a parent is only ONE of the many aspects of your life! And I certainly can relate to this first-hand...

       Just like you, I wear many "hats"... I'm a father, a writer, a musician, a "technical guy" and I'm your friend... Even though I haven't met you.

       I'm your friend because you've taken a step towards getting a better life and starting the journey into the wonderful and amazing world of parenting.

       And for that, I really congratulate you.

       In fact, even just reading the samples I offer below from my book are going to add value to your life immediately...

       Value that you can take RIGHT NOW and begin using in your life INSTANTLY.

       Think about this... If we can touch the lives of two other single parents out there, who make a positive impact on two other single parents we've started a "chain reaction" for the GOOD that this world needs.

       Most of us have the same fears, but we also have the same hopes...

       We all want our children to be happy and healthy... To enjoy a life that is worth living in an environment where they feel loved, they have freedom to express themselves and we want them to have an amazing childhood.

       And this is why I wrote this book.

       It's my goal that every single parent live a happy and fulfilled life for their children AND themselves...

       You see, as much as we're traditionally told that it's all about "sacrifice", it's really all about creating the situations that benefit BOTH of you.

       So, not only did I write the book that explains Parenting from a new perspective, I wrote two other books about subjects that I struggled with when I became single.

    You Also Get Two Bonuses

       When you download "Super Single Parenting" you also get two bonus books...

       These books come together in the same download and offer unique insight into two key areas that I personally struggled with as a Single Parent... Cooking and Money.

       You, being a provider, must not only feed your children and provide healthy meals, but you also need to buys pants, shoes and eventually help with College.

       That's why I took time to tackle these specific areas and even placed them into their own books.

    In the first bonus book, “31 Quick Dinner Recipes” I list an entire month's worth of dinner recipes with the Single Parent in mind.

    All recipes I list in this book take less then 10 minutes to prepare, are all great dinner ideas and have vegetarian alternatives.

    This way you can please ALL the people in your home with a great meal at the end of the day.
    In the second bonus book, “Planning Your Child's Financial Future” I go over tons of stuff about how your child will be taken care of should something happen to you...

    I cover how to create a Will so that your child will be your beneficiary, how to pass along Guardianship of your child as well as simple and easy to understand investment options for you to prepare for school or anything else that comes up in your child's life.

       These books ALONE are worth at least five times the value of "Super Single Parenting".

       But the best part is that they come with my eBook as bonus books.

       That's right... These come with my book at NO COST to you.

    Here's How This Works...

       When you click on the order button below you'll be taken to my safe and secure shopping cart.

       I've made sure to use the latest in encryption technology so that you can feel safe entering in your credit card information... and it's through PayPal, so you know it's safe!

       When you're sent to the secure order page you'll be able to immediately download all these books as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

       If you currently don't have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer, you can click here to get the free program.

    Okay... Here's a recap...

    You get everything:
    1. “Super Single Parenting” The reference manual to go from good Parent to a Super Parent.

    2. “31 Quick Dinner Recipes” Meal suggestions for a whole month that take less than 10 minutes to prepare, are delicious and all with vegetarian alternatives.

    3. “Planning Your Child's Financial Future” How to make sure your child is financially intelligent, how to create your own Will and how to make sure the Guardianship of your child is taken care of.

       So let me ask you this, what if this knowledge made you a stronger parent in only one or two areas of you life? Would it be worth it to you?

       How much would this be worth to you? A Hundred dollars? A Thousand dollars?

       Really, it's virtually impossible to put a "value" on being a Super Single Parent.

       And not just for your OWN child, but for the people your child interacts with and the people who come into your life.

    Don't Hesitate...
    Read "Super Single Parenting" Immediately...

       Like I mentioned before, this just might be the most important investment you'll ever make when it comes to your family and your self.

       And while this book was designed to be a reference manual that you can refer back to time and time again, there is a good chance that you'll come across the EXACT piece of advice you need.

       But I want you to make sure that this book is right for you... That's why I am NOT going to ask you to pay for it until you've had a chance to read it.

       You'll see for youtself how important the tips and techniques are for raising a healthy child and being a Super Single Parent.

       When you click on the button below you'll be taken to my secure order page where you can download the book right now...

       Yes, you get the book IMMEDIATELY!

       All you need to do is enter in valid credit card information for your order...

       If, after you've read my book for the first 7 days and you decide that it's not for you, or you didn't find any useful information in it for your situation, simply reply to the email confirmation you'll receive when you download your copy of the book. Please write “cancel” in your message, and I will refund your money.

       I couldn't make it any easier... and really you have nothing to lose.

       I should mention that the total cost for the eBook and two bonus books is only $9.97.

       I really want you to become the Super Single Parent that you are... For you and your child.

       And offering this trial is my way of giving back and adding value to your life...

       I believe that the things that changed my life can change yours too... And that is why I am going the "extra mile" to let you test drive my book.

       Click this button to download the "Super Single Parenting" :

    Wishing you Success and Happiness as a Super Single Parent,

       Tom Taylore

    P.S. Every idea, tip and technique that I share with you in this book is from the real world. And I believe my book can make you an INCREDIBLE Parent. Remember, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you're not happy, you have 7 days to check out the book. This is truly a 100% risk-free offer.

    And Here Are Some Samples For You To Read...

    Here are few samples from the book and bonuses (so you can get an idea of the style and content). Just click the blue hyperlinks to read them (there are links back to this page at the bottom of each sample):

    Quotes from "Super Single Parenting" Readers...
    "Tom's book, "Super Single Parenting" is truly essential reading for any parent who is working on maintaining a household alone. He tackles the big issues like dating, child discipline and dealing with exes as well as the more nuanced problems that people do not discover until it is too late. Every single parent should read this book, whether they are new to single parent-dom or have been raising kids alone for some time...very important, very easy to get and very helpful."

    --Vanessa Van Petten, teen author of "You're Grounded!" and

    "Dear Tom,

    Your book has been a tremendously helpful tool in both mine and my ex's transitions with our selves and our own respective 'New Families', so first off, I express my ultimate gratitude... I am the father of a six-year-old son, who, on top of starting school this year, also saw his life change drastically when his mother moved out of our home. Defiance and behavior issues both at home and at school were quick to surface.

    His mom and I tossed around ideas as to how we could make things easier for us all, and spending time together as the 'Old Family' was mentioned but quickly extinguished and forgotten about-- until we read your book and reevaluated the idea. Once every couple of weeks we will meet at the park, or for pizza, or at the children's theater, and the change in our son's (and our own) attitude since spending this time together has been monumental.

    I've recommended the book to friends and continue to reference it on a regular basis. Thank you again, and best wishes on your journey with your own 'New Family'."

    --Lucas S., North Carolina

    "I hate hate HATE self-help books, as most of them come across much like textbooks, but yours is something completely different.

    The style in which you deliver your message is easy to understand, therefore making the content easy to apply. From the tips on money management, to personal image, to duality, your book covers the incredibly broad spectrum of issues we're constantly faced with on the day-to-day. Your conversational prose makes me feel less like I'm pummeling through a mess of words and more like I'm sitting and having a discussion on the many aspects of life in general, and as a single parent. The topics are not marginalized, nor are they blown out of proportion; you simply deliver practical, realistic advice, and that is something I deeply appreciate and have otherwise been unable to find in similar publications. Thank you for creating and making available such a user-friendly and ultimately helpful tool. It is sure to aid any person who downloads it."

    --Audrey B., Fort Lauderdale, FL


    Since my daughter was born I have been a single parent. I've had a lot of difficulty setting goals for myself.. actually, I never really even tried. I've been so wrapped up in all the negativities in life and of how hard it is to raise a child alone.

    My mom heard of your book and downloaded it for me. I have to admit that before reading it I was already wanting to write it off, but I was SO wrong! I've been in a rut for two years, and reading the book and doing the exercises have changed everything.

    I especially love the part about transmutation. I finally started setting goals for myself and actually reaching them. The dating advice was awesome too. I realize it's ok to be picky, and though I haven't found a Mr. Right yet I've been able to go out and talk to and have a nice time with men... and I even have my first date in nearly three years coming up this weekend.

    Your book has helped me to stop behaving like a victim and to actually enjoy the world around me. I feel better than ever, and have a brand new respect for the happiness living can bring, even for a single mom. Thank you for helping me find some inspiration!"

    --Marisa, Ames, IA

    "Bubbles! Tom, you are a life saver! My daughter was 'passed around' between myself, my ex, and three sets of grandparents for a few months while things were still a little rough after the big break-up. Of course we all had a different set of rules and boundaries for her, and this caused a lot of confusion.. and LOTS of fits. Things finally calmed and I was awarded custody, but the tantrums remained and were unbearable, and I was completely powerless to deal with them. Desperate, I searched for help and found your book.

    I stopped with bullying and started with bubbles, and evolved to utilize your tips for dealing with these outbursts; and now we are able to get through the (now rare) tantrums in a mature manner and actually resolve problems as they occur. We are much closer now than we have ever been, and it's an amazing confidence boost for both of us.

    Your book has also helped me develop not only into a better parent, but into a better person. I realize now how important it is for me to be on top of my personal game if I'm going to be at all successful with my daughter. There are so many practical ideas to help a person achieve greater and greater possibilites. I really hope others gain as much as I have from your book. It's a great success. Thanks!"

    --Aaron B., Parma, OH

    Just click this button to download "Super Single Parenting": (please give the order page up to 30 seconds to load)