Excerpt From Chapter 5: Goals As A New Family

   Part of the new found “equality” you have with your child is to include them in goals for the family.

   This could be anything from getting a new refrigerator to “earning” a trip to the Grand Canyon.

   As a general rule, remember that all goals have two components: They are reasonable and measureable.

   They are “reasonable” from the perspective of relative attainment... So, for example, a trip to the Grand Canyon for you and your family might be a little more feasible than a trip to Europe.

   A goal is “measurable” meaning that you can track your progress.

   And the one thing that brings ALL of this together is that goals bind a family together... When a family in any capacity has goals and is focused on them they are priming themselves for growth.

   This growth can be with each other and create a solid foundation of positive memories that can last a lifetime!

   With this concept in mind you can set goals for your family for various things. Here are some techniques for goals as a family.

Goals for Things

   Things are just “things”, but they also serve as motivation for many people.

   And they can serve as motivators for your family too.

   This isn’t to say that we’re all just “materialistic” beings, but having a goal that’s based on getting something tangible is an easy way to measure a goal.

   Let’s take the example I mentioned before of a new refrigerator.

   Getting a new refrigerator is a tangible thing that can measure a goal.

   It could be a goal where the family contributes to a fund, does a family “fund raiser” like a garage sale or for each chore that your child completes successfully you can put a dollar into a jar.

   There are countless ways to allow for growth as a family.

   And goals for something new can be an exciting motivator.

Goals as Ideals

   It’s also a very great experience to have goals that are based around IDEALS.

   And this might sound a little more “esoteric” but ideas can be measurable too... Often with long lasting and powerful results.

   This could be something like Volunteer work or doing something nice for someone who needs it.

   So, for example, you could have a family discussion and decide what charity you want your family to support.

   Let’s say that you decide to get involved with an organization, such as the Red Cross or a local church.

   There are TONS of stuff to do and the best part is that you can involved your children too!

   Here are some cool things to do that don’t involve organized charity... In other words, these are things you can do on your own:

Collect books and donate them to library.
Collect canned goods and donate them to a homeless shelter.
Collect unwanted clothes from your neighborhood and donate them to the Goodwill.

   And I am sure that you can come up with many others.

   And get a load of this...

   You can combine the two into something...

   So, say there is an older lady on your block who lives alone. Your new family could save up money to buy her a small tree... then, on the next Sunny day you can help her plant it.

   The possibilities are endless when it comes to donating your time and energy, but the reward is VAST to you and your new family.

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